SalesMethods is a software company delivering the tools that enable world class sales practice.

All of our software is based on a fusion of academic research and the practical experience of sales leaders. The sole purpose of our playbooks and tools is to leverage business opportunities through effective account development and to dramatically improve the win ratio of sales opportunities.

As well as software, we also deliver the technical support, consulting services and learning and the development solutions to achieve high performance sales.

Our mission is “To help our customers attain high performance sales through a platform of sales enablement”.

What do SalesMethods believe in?

We are “customer centric”, building solutions tailored to our customers’ individual needs.

We believe in evolution not revolution, anchoring any new initiative in the context of what has gone before.

Our focus is on supporting the key sales skills rather than simply offering process support. The “how to do” and not just the “what to do”.

We provide services to support you through the journey of deciding what needs to happen, designing solutions, implementing them and continually improving your performance.

We advocate that sales management is the enabling community and promote the essential exchange between front line sales and first line management.

We promote continuous improvement – applying world class principles of Six Sigma to the sales process.

We also believe in business playing its part in the community and are proud members of the Pledge 1% business initiative.

How we got here:

  • Incubation

    SalesMethods Formed

    Colt Beta Test

    SFDC Security Review/ISV Partner

    Plan2Close Launched

  • Product Development

    Colt License Agreement

    Formal Launch

    Plan2Prosper Launched

  • Commercialization

    Second and Third Customers

    OCP Launched

  • Evolution

    US Market Opens (TS)

    First HTML (mobile) App

    Fully ‘Parameterizable’

  • Customer Centric

    Maestro Launched

    OCP Mobile

    Migrator Launched

  • Main Stream

    First Enterprise Customer

    Move to Charlotte Street, London

    Chicago office Opened

    OrgChartPlus 3.0

  • Sales Enablement

    The Platform of Sales Enablement

    Accenture Alliance Partner

    OrgChartPlus 4.0

  • 3rd Generation

    Lightning ready

    Portfolio of sales enablers to compliments Playbooks and Tools

    APAC office opened