Making a Difference Beyond Business.

I remember, back in the day, reading a book called ‘Built to Last’. As a young, enquiring manager I used to devour all the management classics but this one by Collins and Porras rang bells because I had, by the time I came across it, had my corporate career and was setting off on my first entrepreneurial adventure.

I wanted to understand how to build a business that was sustainable over time, not a one trick wonder. The prime insight of the research Collins and Porras conducted was that while there are many influences, the key to building a business with lasting success is having a higher purpose and a set of core values in place. This is a drastic over simplification, but it was my major take away.

While the research and findings have had their critics over the years, that tenet has always rang true with me. SalesMethods is therefore, you will not be surprised to learn, built with these principles in mind. (Amongst other things of course).

I also learned that any organisation must live those values, not simply claim them as badge of honour, and so (amongst the other things of course) we now look to how, as a community, SalesMethods can ‘give something back’. We are signed up, therefore, to the Pledge 1% Programme where we give all staff at least three days paid leave per annum, to go and make a difference somewhere.

We also look to do a charitable event as a team once a year and this year we are riding from London to Paris in aid of The Christie Charity. We selected this charity for reasons that are close to our hearts.

Most of us have never ridden a bike for more that a quick visit to the shops and so there has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears shed to be able to ride the 324 miles over just three days. Where we could, we have done this training together and while, of course, we are making the effort for altruistic reasons, the banter (teasing if you are from the US), the support and of course the inevitable competition is helping our business build an internal character and identity beyond our commercial positioning. Life in the office has a different dimension. The depth of our commitment a different perspective.

SalesMethods is not a start-up. We went through that stage a few years back. Now, as a young, growing company, we are laying down capabilities and experiences that will slowly become part of our core values and culture. Hopefully these will help us thrive and grow for the decades that Collins and Porras regarded as being
‘Built to Last’.

If you would like to know more about why we are riding by the way and maybe even support our cause, please follow this link;


Michael Conner

Michael Conner

Michael has operated at executive board level in publicly quoted companies and has led operational activities across worldwide organisations. Michael has extensive experience of change management and implementing business transformation programmes (turnarounds and repositioning) throughout disbursed businesses. He is an expert in sales (direct and channels), marketing (including product management), general management, making acquisitions and worldwide markets. He is CEO at SalesMethods.