Discover your sales opportunities and align your resources.


BlueSpace determines your accounts’ addressable spend in Salesforce, identifies sales opportunities and provides the foundation for budgeting and business forecasting.

View heat map, headroom and share of wallet analysis to identify Sales opportunities across geographies and product categories.

Map your customer accounts’ estimated addressable spend using marketing models and validated Sales intelligence.

Determine a sales forecast that can be rolled up as part of annual budgeting and periodic sales outlooking processes.

Identify Sales opportunities within your target Accounts.

Heat Map

Identify patterns of current spend and coverage, highlighting future sales opportunity.


Determine the estimated addressable spend, including the competitors share and deliver a business forecast for the next two years.

Share of Wallet

Quickly review the the share of wallet by geography and product line.

Create a business forecast.

Allocate an Estimate Addressable Spend.

Marketing lead using business models, market intelligence and customer intelligence to allocate an Estimate Addressable Spend.

Submit a business forecast

Sales validate the addressable spend, identify the competition and submit a business forecast for the period under review.

Advantage for the Business

The business benefits from a forecasting model that both targets sales activity and delivers a business forecast - all of which roll up to account, territory, team and business unit level.

Align your organisation.

Maximise account penetration

Establish a route map for your account teams to follow in order to maximise account penetration and as a vehicle by which to deliver a business forecast in association with their Account Development Plan.

Plan your resources

Management can set a benchmark by which to measure account penetration and provide the direction and resource that the Account Development Plan need to take.

Encourage collaboration

Marketing become the supplier of an Estimated Addressable Spend and the customer of validated sales forecasts.
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