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Determine a vision, implement a solution and manage the change.


The sales environment is continually evolving as buyers increasingly refer to on-line content before engaging sales people. Not everybody has a clear picture of how they need to respond. EnVision is a fast and effective process of auditing your sales activities, understanding your business objectives and establishing a vision for the future.

Based on the tried and tested principle of keep what works, stop what doesn’t, and start what will.


The key benefit of SalesMethods’ applications and tools is that they constantly re-enforce sales best practice by being embedded with your CRM system.

It is likely, however, that you have considerable economic and political investment in prior initiatives.

MethodologyMaker is a consulting service that works with you so that you keep doing what works, stop doing what does not and start doing what will. After having decided on this, we will then help you to parameterize Plan2Prosper, Plan2Close and Plan2Excel in order that you build on what has gone before and show joined up thinking in terms of your CRM implementation and sales methodology development.


Having decided on the sales competences you wish to embed and re-enforce in, the next step is to successfully manage the change process to deliver the results you are after. ChangeMaker takes your sales methodology as defined by MethodologyMaker and builds a change program that addresses all the aspects of successful implementation.

ChangeMaker is a consulting service from SalesMethods that underpins your decision to embed your sales methodology in Taking the output from MethodologyMaker, a formal change program is developed and project managed. This includes; the essential communication at the beginning of the process; support for training and deployment; and on-going management against the agreed key performance indicators.


Standing still is not an option with the business environment continually evolving. EnForce is a mentoring service that guides your sales managers thorough the sales management processes and prompts the coaching principles aimed at continually improving performance.

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