Embed Your Sales Methodology in Salesforce.com

When SalesMethods started out a couple of years back we felt that the market was waiting for a sales methodology that could be embed in CRM systems. Today we think subtly differently in that while the market does indeed want to embed sales methodologies in salesforce.com and other CRM systems, most organisations want some degree of flexibility in the way this is done.

The issue is that there is a great deal of prior investment (both financial and political) that has been made in educating and managing sales process and discipline and to introduce wholesale change while on one hand might have significant benefit, on the other hand is counterproductive.

In a previous blog The Real Issue in Attaining High Performance Sales I explained how effective change management was the key to success, not training or software in isolation. Part of effective change management is to land the future in the context of the past and, recognizing this, we have re-positioned our sales applications so that they can be parameterized to fit our clients’ world.

This webinar “Embed Your Sales Methodology in Salesforce.com” explains how we go about allowing you to build your own solution for embedding your sales disciplines and, critically, how you can manage that on an on-going basis.

If you would like any further information then please go to our AppExchange page and download a free trial or indeed contact us at sales@salesmethods.com.

Michael Conner
Co-Founder & CPO

Michael Conner

Michael Conner

Michael has operated at executive board level in publicly quoted companies and has led operational activities across worldwide organisations. Michael has extensive experience of change management and implementing business transformation programmes (turnarounds and repositioning) throughout disbursed businesses. He is an expert in sales (direct and channels), marketing (including product management), general management, making acquisitions and worldwide markets. He is CEO at SalesMethods.