Introducing a Step Change in CRM Development- OrgChartPlus 3.0

November 2014.  London:

December is fast approaching, and here at SalesMethods, we thought we would treat you to an early Christmas gift…It’s available immediately via the Salesforce AppExchange, and comes in the shape of our most innovative product to date and now our flagship: OrgChartPlus 3.0!

So, what’s new?

Version 3.0 goes above and beyond OrgChartPlus’ already commendable status as a premium Salesforce Add On and, as is habitual with all of our sales enablement tools here at SalesMethods, it continues to use existing data within the platform; in particular, the exchange of contact data in order to create organisation charts with ease, speed, and efficiency.

Our implementation of the most pioneering relationship development tool will enable you to further, and more fully, understand your customer stakeholders and build plans to work more closely with them. OrgChartPlus 3.0 should now become one of your default Customer Relationship Management planning tools and your central hub for building lasting customer relationships.

New features include:

Auto Import: Automatically build your customer organisation by auto importing levels of management and subordinates. In other words, if you know someone who you want to target, but do not know the organisation around them, this feature does the hard work for you.

Filtering: Identify key stakeholders and their business relationships by hiding or showing contacts depending on their attributes.

Team View: Add team members to the org chart and understand the relationship that exits between their customers’ contacts, whilst also planning for new ones.

Parameterization: In addition to (or instead of) using the turnkey configuration, directly utilize your existing competitor information by adding customer contact attributes that are easily recognisable.

How would you go about downloading OrgChartPlus 3.0?

Simply head to the AppExchange, and try before you buy:

If you already have OrgChartPlus, how do you carry out the update?

It’s as easy as 1…2…3.0… Current users of OrgChartPlus have free access to version 3.0 and, what’s more, only one member of your team has to complete the download in order for everybody else to have access to it – all saved details are migrated across!

Simply visit the Salesforce AppExchange:

In a nut shell:

The launch of OrgChartPlus 3.0 will, in addition to the original version, further enable your business to deploy its chosen Sales Methodology: As a new breed of software, this huge step forward will make it even easier to organise contacts and, as a result, execute effective customer relationship plans that deliver a “Platform for High Performance Sales”.