Learning and Development

SalesMethods offer a range of orientation and coaching options to support the successful deployment of the sales methodologies, tools and solutions.


SalesPlayer focuses on training the chosen sales methodologies, with a focus on understanding the sales principles and building and managing a realistic action plan. SalesPlayer runs in tandem with the sales applications of Plan2Close (opportunity management) and Plan2Prosper (account development).


ValuPlayer focuses on the first of the two pillars of effective sales plans: value definition and delivery.

Central to ValuPlayer is the identification of the Sustainable Mutual Business Value that fuels account development plans and Value Proposition Development for single sales opportunities.

SalesMethods’ sales tools support all the main principles of ValuPlayer: WhiteSpace helps identify the sales opportunities you can target, whilst EnGarde helps you set your sales strategy.


GamePlayer looks at the second of the two pillars, customer relationship development.  Centering on charting contacts, targeting stakeholders and aligning your organisation with that of your customer. GamePlayer uses OrgChartPlus as the tool to record the facts and underpin your relationship development plan.

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