Relationship mapping, completely native to Salesforce.


Create org charts quickly and easily utilizing your existing contacts in

Simply drag and drop the contacts to create your OrgChart.

Changes made in OrgChartPlus are automatically updated in your Salesforce database, and visa versa. With OrgChartPlus, there is only one version of the truth.

Make OrgChartPlus work for you by using Maestro to customise the icons, attributes, fields and more.

Create powerful org charts quickly and easily by making the most of your Salesforce data.

Update Salesforce reporting lines in real time

As you build, OrgChartPlus communicates with Salesforce in real time and updates the “Reports to” field. Organise your accounts in minutes, no more time wasting in Salesforce.

Turn your Salesforce contact lists into visual OrgCharts

OrgChartPlus is the best way to visualise your accounts and Opportunities and understand who you should be speaking to.

Implimentation takes minutes

Installation is complete in a few minutes. Download from our AppExchange page, drag and drop the custom button onto the page layout and you're good to go!

Chart, target and align.

See who knows who

Map the connections that exist between your colleagues and your contacts. Leverage common connections that exist to enable introductions to the stakeholders you need to speak to.

Keep an eye on your competition

OrgChartPlus allows you to map where your competitors are positioned within your target account. Ensure that you're talking to the right people before your competition get there.

Accessible to everyone, everywhere

As all of your relationships are stored on the Salesforce CRM platform, ensure that connections are not lost with the movement of people. The more you put in, the more you get out.

Salesforce admin made easy.

Manage your Salesforce contact database

Use OrgChartPus to quickly find contact duplicates, contacts who have moved on or anomalies who have ended up in the wrong account. Easily select and remove from your Salesforce database to bypass a tedious chore.

Update Salesforce fields all in one place

Update job titles and roles all from the Matrix view. Any changes made here are automatically updated in Salesforce.

Manage your sales from one window.

Drive the right activities

Create tasks and events within OrgChartPlus to directly manage your accounts and Opportunities. Once you have identified which stakeholders you need to speak to, create a Salesforce task or event by right clicking on a contact to delegate to yourself or a team member.

Drill down to who you need to see

Hundreds of contacts in an account, each with different titles, roles and responsibilities is difficult to process. Use Filtering to highlight the contacts you want, such as; C-Level contacts, decision makers or contacts who you have a weak connection with. You can filter down to any field you want, including your custom ones.

Salesforce reporting on OrgChartPlus

Because we're native, you can report on all of the data that is in OrgChartPlus - and we'll help you create them. Run reports to monitor the adoption, or to see your relationship status at an account level. Combine OrgChartPlus data and Salesforce reporting to provide essential analytics too important to miss.

Customise OrgChartPlus to make it fit your world.

Use Maestro to customise OrgChartPlus. You can change attributes, edit the icons, link custom fields and with our latest update, you can now even use OrgChartPlus in custom objects. The possibilities are endless, but here is a little example;



  • Target
  • Contact
  • Regular
  • Strong


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Unknown


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Unknown


  • In conflict with
  • Supporter of
  • Socialises with
  • Supplies

Rolled this out to 80 reps and have heard nothing but great things. In reviewing other solutions, OrgChart Plus was superior.

M. Ward, Verint.
Case Study

BT chose SalesMethods’ OrgChartPlus relationship mapping solution as an integral part of their Salesforce CRM platform. Their aim is for thier sales teams to have in-depth expertise, be highly collaborative and drive compelling customer conversations. Read more about BT’s challenge of digital transformation

Case Study

Cisco offers the next generation of networking, security, data and worldwide collaboration of products and solutions. Their continually evolving product range has lead to an increasingly diverse set of stakeholders, with the result that they looked for a solution for mapping their customer contacts and targeting the key stakeholders of their products and services. Cisco chose SalesMethods’s OrgChartPlus as the sales tool to help both sales and marketing tackle the challenge of charting, targeting, and aligning with the key customer influencers.

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