Win more Sales Opportunities, faster, through coordinated sales plans that make a step change in sales effectiveness.


Plan2Close, the Sales Opportunity Management Playbook: Increase sales opportunity win rates and deal velocity.

Built natively in Salesforce, Plan2Close transforms Salesforce adoption by adding to the 'what to do' of CRM the 'how to do' of SalesMethods' platform of Sales Enablement.

Now the qualitative information of Plan2Close can complement the quantitative data of Salesforce and both enrich the sales teams understanding and enhance management line of sight of the sales pipeline.

One size doesn't fit all. Use Plan2Close out of the box, parameterise it to fit your world, evolve the playbook at the sale evolves or apply different playbooks to different market sectors and segments. Anything is possible. Deploy your sales playbooks, not someone else's.

Supercharge your sales process.

Win more deals

Embed your sales opportunity management in Plan2Close to help you build winning sales strategies, while making a step change in sales effectiveness and efficiency.

Focus time and resource

The biggest waste of time is the deal you never win. Plan2Close helps salespeople win business in the shortest time possible. This is done by focusing efforts and support resources on the right deals, enabling you to drive these through to successful closure.

Qualify quicker

Plan2Close provides guiding principles that help you to qualify a prospect whilst differentiating and deploying your sales opportunity plan.

Improve forecast accuracy.

Accurate risk analysis

The risk assessment tool built into Plan2Close provides accurate assessment that the stage of the sale you think you are at, is truly the stage you are at.

Match your sale stages

Using Maestro, tailor the risk assessment so that it monitors the progress against your sales process. Highlight what you need to fix and what you should do next.

Build a pipeline risk profile

Consistent assessment across all Opportunities ensures that you understand the risk profile of your sales opportunity pipeline.

Understand your unique business value and engage stakeholders.

Help define your unique business value proposition

By leading you to uncover your customer’s key business drivers and pressures, Plan2Close helps you to define a winning sales proposition and sales strategy.

Create the appropriate strategy

Plan2Close enables your business to deploy your version of “what good looks like”. Reinforce this daily through the Salesforce CRM platform.

Manage the appropriate activites

P2C provides a logical guide that helps you to plan and prioritize the activities that lead to tighter qualification and faster closure. Only spend valuable time and resource on the deals that you can win.

Uncover your customers buying process.

Align the buying and selling cycle

P2C helps to match the appropriate sales activities with the customer’s buying cycle, creating alignment and a synchronized path to success.

Drive appropriate activities

Support your sales team as they progress their sales plans with a platform for sales enablement. Supporting collateral with training hints and tips all help with on-boarding new sales people while supporting experienced ones in equal measure.

Build your own Plan2Close Playbook.

Now you can tailor your playbook so that it reflects not only your language and world class best practices, but meets your organisation’s specific needs.



  • Business Drivers
  • Business Responses
  • Purchasing Process
  • Pain or Gain Objective


  • Buying Criteria
  • Alignment
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Strategy

SalesMethods's tool is a terrific tool, giving us great insights into all of our opportunities but the service SalesMethods provides to its customers is quite superior compared to other app providers.

P. Campbell, Provenir.
Case Study

Dovetail is a financial technology market leader and innovator, established in 2000. It has continually stayed at the forefront of innovation as the transaction banking market has developed and grown.

With an ever expanding list of global, regional, and local banks and payment service providers taking advantage of Dovetail’s market ready solutions, Dovetail is now firmly one of the world’s leading payments and liquidity management vendors.

Trevor LeFleche is Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Dovetail and the man responsible for choosing Plan2Close to drive their sales process.

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