Win, keep and grow customer accounts through coordinated account plans building stronger customer relationships and delivering mutual business value.


Win, keep and grow customer accounts by embedding your account development planning methodology in

Make the most of your existing Salesforce data. No duplications. Accessible to everyone.

Easily integrates with your Accounts page and drives the right behaviours through tasks and events. A clear plan for developing your accounts.

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Create flexible plans that match the size and complexity of your customers.

Plan2Prosper helps you to understand your customer.

Uncover your customers strategic initiatives

Plan2Prosper will lead you to uncover your true business value, as opposed to leading on product or price.

Define and agree long term, mutual business value

Evolve your account plan through to a win/win, where your customer is as important to you as you are to them; The ultimate goal.

Build and grow trust

Thorough and efficient planning will evolve your account relationships from suppliers, to trusted advisors and eventually to business partners. Helping you shape your customer requirements, as opposed to simply reacting to them.

A living, breathing, dynamic plan.

It's in

Plan2Prosper promotes collaborative, team account planning and the actions that follow via Salesforce Tasks and Events. No duplicates ensure that there is only ever one version of the truth.

Progress your plan

Create and build a cohesive plan, in line with the strategic direction across the entire virtual team. Uncover every aspect of your accounts in order to retain and expand.

Optimise Tasks and Events to manage activites

Manage and prioritize all activities across the account and view interdependencies in a Gantt chart format.

A measure for management.

Create a consistent status across all plans

The benchmark measure across all accounts enables a consistent, non-fiscal status view.

Promotes thoughtful, creative thinking

Evidence based rationale promotes intelligent thinking. This allows management to challenge the understanding of their team

Helps managers drive the appropriate behaviours and activities

By deploying standard SFDC reports and dashboards, management can view account status' and activities to help drive the appropriate sales behaviours.

A collaborative tool, accessible by all.

Engage the entire team

One consistent plan, adopted by the entire virtual team.

Encourage team participation and selling

Having your account plan central to the Salesforce CRM platform enables collaboration - both horizontal and vertical - in order to leverage all resource available to win across all disciplines.

Enagage your customer to achieve win/win

The ultimate measure of business relationship. Share your plan to gain full commitment and endorsement.

Build your own Plan2Prosper Playbook.

Now you can tailor your playbook so that it reflects not only your language and world class best practices, but meets your organisation’s specific needs.



  • Significant Value Derived
  • Significant Wins and Losses
  • Service History
  • Relationship Status


  • Mutual Business Value
  • Relationship Plan
  • The Vital Few
  • Fiscal Objectives

Not only is the tool great, but also the level of service they provide to their clients is amazing.

S, Jung. Cleverbridge
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