Professional Services

SalesMethods’ professional services are technology services that help you build, implement and maintain you software solutions that create your platform for sales enablement.


No two company’s sales processes are the same.

BuildMe is the service that applies Maestro (the feature that allows the parameterisation of applications and tools) to your SalesMethods software solution: Ensuring that what has gone before is built upon, whilst also reflecting your particular sales challenges.

Using Maestro, you can integrate SalesMethods’ applications and tools with Salesforce workflows, reporting and third part apps such as Outlook.

BuildMe ensures that the parameterization is being applied to your environment in a relevant and efficient manner, whilst maximising sales adoption and your return on investment.


CoachMe is embedded into your sales playbook. It provides links to methodology guidelines, opportunity risk analysis, coaching and online sales support collateral. It can be used to support the on-boarding of new sales people and coaching of the sales process. It has the capability to measure usage and review ratings.


Dashboards and reports are fundamental to establishing a robust sales management process. ShowMe is a service that helps you build custom reports and dashboards that focus on the key metrics of your sales processes, including automatic export of key data to PowerPoint and Word templates. Reports and triggers in Salesforce prompt a call to action through your sales management process.

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