Understand what your customer needs and deliver It.


Helps you determine the needs of your customer and how to deliver against them. 

Understand your customer’s key business challenges and build strategies to help them overcome them.

Understand your customer’s specific buying criteria and determine a sales strategy to beat the competition.

Craft powerful value propositions that communicate the value you bring to sales opportunities and account development plans.


Know what's driving your customer

Walk in your customer’s shoes and discover the dynamics of their industry.

CompetingForces delivers customer insight by uncovering your customer’s business priorities while helping you identify and target the budget available for your products and services.

Understand their industry’s competitive characteristics; from competitors themselves and from the type of threat.


Build your Sustainable Business Value

ValuMatrix considers the external Opportunities and Threats of the account and your internal Strengths in order for you to identify the Sustainable Mutual Business Value.

Taking evidence from your account plan, the ValuMatrix considers how your company strengths can help customers maximise their opportunities and minimise their threats.

Define the Sustainable Business Value that will form your strategic vision for working together.


Outsmart your competition

Enguarde Establishes your customer’s buying criteria for discrete sales opportunities and determines their relative importance to your customer and how you perform against them.

Determine your competitors performance relative to your customers buying criteria and view a gap analysis that highlights your strengths and weaknesses against them.

Establish a sales strategy depending on your competitive positioning in the bid. Take the opportunity heads on, seek to shift the goalposts or qualify out.


Determine a winning value proposition for a single sales opportunity

ValuMill puts the customers key interests first in order to determine points of parity, points of difference and points of opportunity.

Determine the features, advantages and benefits of your product and service offering with reference to their buying criteria as highlighted through EnGarde.

Weight the FAB statements in terms of their business value and the uniqueness of your offering to compose a compelling value proposition.
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