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BT - driving sales transformation


As a leading global telecoms provider, BT are at the forefront of enabling a step change in effectiveness in the way organisations work. The digital revolution means BT’s customers are mixing and matching technologies, and using an ever growing and distributed set of cloud applications and services. BT is now focussed on becoming a leader in converged connectivity.

From a sales point of view, BT’s strategy has implications on how a customer buys, who buys and the range of competition BT face. As a result, BT’s Global Services division has initiated Sales Transformation and Global Account Management initiatives as key pillars to execute their strategy to drive growth. Their aim is to build deep and broad customer relationships, reduce complexity and improve their share of their customer’s wallet.
Why choose OrgChartPlus?
KEY HIGHLIGHT Increased account penetration achieved through a more collaborative approach, facilitated by enabling software has resulted in an increase in the share of their customer’s addressable spend.


To help facilitate this, BT has invested in enabling tools and a global account management model to support repeatable growth. The aim is to support a sales team that has in-depth expertise, is highly collaborative and driving compelling customer conversations.

SalesMethods’ OrgChartPlus (OCP) was the solution BT chose to help them develop customer relationship plans and hold the conversations that matter. Built natively in Salesforce, the attraction of OCP is the functionality that enable BT to load customer contacts from the Salesforce contact database, add contact information, identify and target stakeholders, look for internal customer relationships and, uniquely, export the resulting org charts to Powerpoint, Word and Excel to facilitate sales management presentations and documents.

BT were also looking for the flexibility to adapt OCP to their world. Their Account Planning model is built on a custom object and presenting OCP within that object is essential in helping bring the plan to life. A Net Promoter Score is also recorded as a custom field in the Contact Object and this is now displayed on the org chart, adding essential customer contact data.
BT - global account management



Support & education

Understanding that software applications and tools are not silver bullets that deliver instant results, BT and SalesMethods worked together to ensure a support programme that educates both sales and management to realise the value of OCP.
Sales behaviours

Effective sales behaviour

Integrating a training and education pathway using other Salesforce functionality has delivered an environment that supports and enable effective sales behaviour.
Sales performance

Performance dashboards

Creating meaningful KPIs together with the essential dashboards and reports that monitor progress and identify route causes to performance, ensures a dialogue to continually improve the customer conversation.


“SalesMethods have been very supportive in implementing and developing the tool for our specific needs. This has been done professionally, quickly and easily, and the tool is an essential aid to our account planning process.”
Phil Blincko
Director Digital Sales & Marketing


BT’s Global Services division’s Sales Transformation programme is helping to meet the challenge of a changing market. Increased account penetration achieved through a more collaborative approach facilitated by enabling software is resulting in an increase in the share of their customer’s addressable spend.

OrgChartPlus is a key component of the overall Account Planning solution and is viewed as an ‘amazing tool’. It has now been rolled out across BT Global Services’ sales organisation, with the teams seeing the tool as intuitive, and the integration with Salesforce being hugely valuable.
BT - sales transformation programme

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