Org chart tool for Salesforce

Visualise deeper stakeholder relationships with the most feature-rich org chart and relationship mapping tool for Salesforce.

Identify, manage and understand your stakeholder relationships to advance sales and grow accounts.
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OrgChartPlus key features

OrgChartPlus - create


  • Easily build org charts from your Salesforce contacts or placeholders.
  • Drag & drop from scratch, or use your own pre-defined templates.
  • 3 views to enable you to visualise, organise and target.


  • Complex hierarchies are handled effortlessly.
  • Tailor to your own business focus and sales style.
  • Complex hierarchies are handled effortlessly.


  • Out-of-the-box, adaptable reports & dashboards for efficient analytics.
  • Power your reporting insights from the ‘real’ relationship status.
  • Fit to the needs of your teams, management and business.


  • Allows for multi-user inputs and collaborative working.
  • Export charts directly into Word or PowerPoint.
  • Socialise charts beyond Salesforce users.

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Transform the way you see stakeholder relationships;
the key benefits for your business…


  • Identify your accounts stakeholders and understand their hierarchy, decision-making ability, roles, responsibilities and experience to align your sales action plan.
  • Quickly uncover gaps in your relationship mapping and additional insights required to give you a 360 view of your opportunity or account.
  • Discover the relationships to develop and positively leverage your position.
OrgChartPlus - Understand


  • Transform contact lists into sales org charts in just a few clicks, directly from your existing Salesforce data, without need for complex reports.
  • Visualise and map your stakeholder relationships to bring the account relationship to life for the whole team.
  • Simple installation and implementation, user intuitive to get up and running quickly to bring immediate benefit and business value.
OrgChartPlus -Simplify

Grow & win

  • Grow your accounts further with deeper stakeholder management.
  • Help identify new opportunities faster through advanced contact mapping intelligence.
  • Protect existing business lines through actionable relationship insights.
  • Understand gaps and risks in your relationship plans and strategies.
OrgChartPlus - Grow Win

What our customers say

We rolled out OCP to our huge global sales organisation and it gets the wow factor. It’s been instrumental in us gathering our knowledge of customers and relationships, then used to help develop our account planning focus and strategy.
BT Global Services
Over the years, I have evaluated a number of OrgChart applications that live inside or outside of Salesforce. I finally found one. We’ve been using it for 6 months now and it’s terrific. When we ran into technical trouble, SalesMethods were eager and efficient at helping us problem solve.
Hearsay Systems
This tool is fantastic. It provides a great deal of detail without needing to do a lot of work. The ability to create org charts for specific opportunities is also great when a huge opportunity comes in with many complex relationships needing to be understood. The team at SalesMethods was phenomenal to work with.

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Used by thousands of salespeople globally.
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Why choose OrgChartPlus?

Supercharge your sales with the most feature-rich org chart and relationship mapping tool for Salesforce.

Native to Salesforce

A seamlessly integrated, intuitive Lightning experience,
secure and stable, with real-time customer insight.
5* rated on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Flexible & dynamic

Designed to fit your world;
effortless customization to tailor and evolve with you.

Simple & intuitive

A clean, modern, drag & drop interface
designed for efficiency and ease-of-use.

Simple & clear pricing


$30 per user, per month.
Enterprise and pricing packs available on request.
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