Drive your sales transformation in Account Planning and Sales Opportunity Management through a platform of Sales Enablement built natively in Salesforce.

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The sales world is changing; more strategic purchasing, more stakeholders, better informed buyers. Take on the challenge and supercharge your Salesforce with SalesMethods playbooks, tools and enablers.

Create a platform of Sales Enablement in Salesforce using playbooks and tools for Account Planning and Sales Opportunity Management that drive the right activity at the right time.

With total Salesforce integration ensure 'one version of the truth' and a rich portfolio of dashboards, reports and sales analytics to enhance the sales management process.

Enhance world class sales playbooks and create tailored solutions that reflect your world - not someone else's - using Maestro, the tool that enables you to keep what works for you, stop what does not and start what will.

Sales Playbooks

World Class Account Development and Sales Opportunity Management Playbooks

Our Playbook Offerings

Win more Sales Opportunities, faster, through coordinated sales plans that make a step change in sales effectiveness.

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Win, keep and grow customer accounts through coordinated account plans building stronger customer relationships and delivering mutual business value.

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Sales Tools

Powerful Tools helping you answer the Key Sales Challenges.

Our Tool Offerings

Relationship mapping, completely native to Salesforce.

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Discover your sales opportunities and align your resources.

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Understand what your customer needs and deliver It.

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Build your Sales Playbooks and Tools, not Someone Else's.

Now you can tailor your playbooks and tools so that they reflect not only world class best practice but also your organisation’s specific needs.


Playbook question sets

  • Significant value derived
  • Significant wins & losses
  • Service history
  • Relationship status

OrgChartPlus attributes

  • Intimacy
  • Opinion
  • Influence
  • Relationship

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