We are delighted to confirm that OrgChartPlus is now designed to work with GovCloud from Salesforce.

Salesforce Government Cloud is a partitioned instance of Salesforce’s industry-leading platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS). It is a multi-tenant community cloud infrastructure specifically for use by U.S. federal, state, and local government customers, U.S. government contractors, and federally funded research and development centers.

All SalesMethods software is fully native and runs exclusively on Salesforce Sales Cloud. SalesMethods does not maintain any external IT infrastructure and does not use any external processing. All data processing and storage is confined to Gov Cloud. As a Gov Cloud customer, you have full control over your SalesMethods software and data and you can control access to it with standard permissions.

OrgChartPlus enables you to:

  • Build your org charts natively in Salesforce with total integration with the Salesforce contact database. There is only ever ‘one version of the truth’, enabling customer relationship insights using Salesforce dashboards and reports.
  • Tailor OrgChartPlus to fit your world using customer contact terminology that is right for you. Display your custom contact data or additional power map profiles to the standard contact matrix, org chart and political map.
  • Bring your power maps or stakeholder charts to life outside of Salesforce by natively exporting your organization charts and relationship charts to Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Add essential contact data to Account and Opportunity Plans.

Any customer activity involving more than one customer contact requires you to know more than just who people are. What is the organization hierarchy, who are the stakeholders, what do key customer contacts think of you?

Built natively in Salesforce.com with changes automatically updated in Salesforce, there is only ever ‘one version of the truth’.
OrgChartPlus is fully customizable allowing you to display custom fields and images, use your own corporate language and color coding.

See what our customers have said about the effect of OrgChartPlus on their business and download a free demo or 14 day evaluation from the AppExchange today.

*OCP is not FedRamp approved