Know Your Customer: the challenges sales must overcome

We don’t need to tell you it’s been a challenging 12 months for business. In a year that none of us expected, one thing is clear- moving forward successfully is paramount.

With many core business practices being shaken, it’s likely that a lot of time and resource have been spent, and focus has been on both ensuring safe working practices for your staff and partners – whilst adjusting to….dare we say it, the new normal!

With flexible or remote working becoming the norm and having disparate teams to manage and motivate, the shifted focus must now be on both safeguarding your existing customers and securing their business – whilst in parallel navigating the seas of the new market challenges, and casting the nets for new opportunities.

Securing existing business and growing new business is nothing new – but finding ways to do this, practically, efficiently and within your existing sales ecosystem is where you may now be feeling the pinch.

What environment are you currently dealing with?

Sales leadership

  • Maintaining team collaboration & motivation with a dispersed & remote team.
  • Keeping focus & prioritisation – identifying & prioritising revenue opportunities.
  • Fostering positive communication within the team.
  • Continuing on-boarding and training.
  • Making the most of existing platforms and processes.

Sales operations

  • Maintaining processes & discipline with the sales team.
  • Enabling full visibility & reporting.
  • Making existing platforms and processes work harder & smarter.
  • Creating meaningful measures of relationships at Account, Opportunity, & Territory levels.

Sales team

  • Keeping motivated & focused.
  • Fostering regular communications with customers and prospects.
  • Understanding the stakeholder landscape – bringing dry contact data to life.
  • Getting through to the right people.
  • Collaborating with other team members, management & non-sales relationships.

Refuse to play the guessing game

Know your customer ebook

Our practical ‘Know your customer’ guide outlines our pragmatic approach to removing any guess work; get to the heart of understanding your customers and prospects to build deeper relationships, accelerate opportunity development and ultimately win business, faster.


Richard Gilder
Chief Revenue & Relationship Officer
Author - Richard Gilder
A dedicated exponent of strong account management practices, Richard has managed some of the largest customers for companies like Xerox and Dell to great success. A steadfast believer in the power of relationships, he specialises in understanding the psyche and nuances of the sales process.

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