Enrich account planning.

Win, keep & grow customer accounts. Build deeper, stronger and longer lasting relationships with true account insight and dynamic development plans to reflect your business, all embedded natively within Salesforce.
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Plan2Prosper - build & develop

Build & develop

  • Build incisive account plans to maximise penetration.
  • Develop customer relationships that deliver extra opportunity.
  • Collaborate effectively across your whole team and customer.
Plan2Prosper - grow


  • Uncover incremental business opportunities.
  • Progress account activity through agreed targeted tasks.
  • Grow your team skills and results via consistent best practice.
Plan2Prosper - analyse


  • Monitor account activity and status via reports and dashboards.
  • Determine what you do and do not know about your key accounts.
  • Manage and prioritise activity across accounts highlighting interdependencies.

Elevate the impact of your relationship development


  • Tailor your Salesforce process easily and effectivity to reflect your own account planning process.
  • Adapt to meet your business requirements, using your language and nuances, alongside best practice methods.
Plan2Prosper - align


  • Gain deeper understanding of your customers strategic initiatives, uncovering your true value drivers beyond price or product.
  • Develop foresight of new opportunities to increase your win rates and competitive advantage.
  • Build, broaden and demonstrate trust with your account relationships as a trusted, proactive partner.
Plan2Prosper - understand


  • Embed one consistent account plan into your Salesforce process to ensure buy-in and adoption by the entire virtual team.
  • Enable true collaboration and encourage team participation and selling, leveraging your full team resource to win across all disciplines.
Plan2Prosper - consistency


  • Optimise management understanding of their teams, key accounts and account penetration.
  • Drive and motivate behaviours and activity with reporting and analytical transparency.
Plan2Prosper - visibility

What our customers say

Great for account planning. Really helpful tool in discovering where the gaps are in an account. The tool also helps to lift the sales teams capabilities and understanding of how to effectively manage an account.
It’s a good tool to plan and structure your account – contacts and opportunities, and to make you aware of your weaknesses, strengths and challenges in your account – where you can improve on to strengthen you relationship with the customer to improve the win rate.
EU Networks
A terrific tool giving us great insights into all of our opportunities. The service SalesMethods provides to its customers is quite superior compared to other app providers, providing their insight and offering best practices straight through the set-up. You don’t find many companies anymore that are so helpful and you can actually get a person on the phone to help. They are a true partner.

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Why choose Plan2Prosper?

Supercharge sales with dynamic account management.
Why choose Plan2Prosper?

Native to Salesforce

Seamlessly integrated, secure and stable, with real-time access and always-on customer insight.

Flexible & dynamic

Designed to fit your world; effortless customization to tailor and evolve with you.

Simple & intuitive

Streamline complex practices with straightforward, easy-to use, and highly adopted technology. Developed by sales professionals for sales professionals.

Simple & clear pricing


$30 per user, per month. Enterprise and pricing packs available on request.
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