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Plan2Close - build & develop

Build & develop

Supports and reflects your sales best practice.

Drive and manage sales activity with simple progress indicators.

Intuitive, easy-to-use, understand and deploy to win more deals.

Plan2Close - forecast


Determine risk levels linked to closing plan stages.

Match closing stages to risk levels for more accurate forecasting.

Highlight next steps and priorities in sales closing process.

Plan2Close - analyse


Match quantitative and qualitative data to optimise forecast accuracy.

Reports and dashboards to drive appropriate sales behaviour.

Natively export information and reports for wider audience participation.

Drive efficient and successful deal outcomes


  • Uncover your customers key business drivers and pressures that help define your unique business value propositions.
  • Build the winning sales proposition and sales strategy directly into the Opportunity object in Salesforce.
  • Navigate through a logical plan and prioritise activities that support smarter qualification and faster closure.
  • Determine what you need to know and don’t waste time on distractions.
Plan2Close - understand


  • Understand customers buying process to align the buying and selling cycles, creating a synchronized path to mutual success.
  • Motivate, empower and drive appropriate activities with a platform for sales enablement, supporting your sales team with the tools, collateral and best practice they need.
Plan2Close - align


  • Embed your opportunity management process into Salesforce to become more efficient, effective and increase win rates.
  • Focus time, efforts and resource on qualifying the right deals, enabling you to drive these through to successful closure in record time.
Plan2Close - amplify


  • Gain clear line of sight of all sales activity, blockages and progress.
  • Form accurate and true risk analysis to support resource planning, prioritisation, and forecasting.
  • Provide a consistent, rigorous forecasting process across your business allowing more objective and accurate deal assessment and forecasting.
Plan2Close - assess

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Why choose Plan2Close?

Supercharge sales with dynamic deal management.

Why choose Plan2Close?

Native to Salesforce

Seamlessly integrated, secure and stable, with real-time access and always-on customer insight.

Flexible & dynamic

Designed to fit your world; effortless customization to tailor and evolve with you.

Simple & intuitive

Streamline complex practices with straightforward, easy-to use, and highly adopted technology. Developed by sales professionals for sales professionals.

Simple & clear pricing


$30 per user, per month.
Enterprise and pricing packs available on request.

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