Close Plan and Opportunity Management for Salesforce

Accelerate opportunity management to win more sales, faster. A step change in sales effectiveness – build winning sales strategies in dynamic sales close plans for Salesforce.
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Plan2Close key features

Plan2Close - build & develop

Build & develop

  • Opportunity management plans within Salesforce underpinned with your sales best practice.
  • Drive and manage sales activity with visual & customisable progress indicators.
  • Marries your Salesforce sales process with your sales close plan to deliver optimum sales performance by integrating the ‘what to do’ with the ‘how to do it’.


  • Supports your progression sales modelling.
  • Determine risk levels linked to stages of a close plan and deal stage velocity.
  • Match closing stages to risk levels for more accurate forecasting.
  • Highlight next steps and priorities in sales closing process.


  • Manager review dialogue tracking for actionable feedback.
  • Team communication commentary to support team collaboration.
  • Dynamic in-line coaching to guide users through using your sales methodology.
  • Designed to fully support team collaboration in remote and hybrid working environments.


  • Match quantitative and qualitative data to optimise forecast accuracy.
  • Out-of-the-box analytics for efficient analytics.
  • Natively export information and reports for wider audience participation.

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Drive efficient and successful deal outcomes;
the key benefits for your business…


  • Uncover your customers’ key business drivers and pressures that help define your unique business value propositions.
  • Build the winning sales proposition and sales strategy directly into the Opportunity object in Salesforce.
  • Navigate through a logical plan and prioritise activities that support smarter qualification and faster closure.
  • Determine what you need to know and don’t waste time on distractions.
Plan2Close - Understand


  • Understand customers’ buying process to align the buying and selling cycles, creating a synchronized path to mutual success.
  • Motivate, empower and drive appropriate activities with a platform for sales enablement, supporting your sales team with the tools, collateral and best practice they need.
  • Unify all levels within your organisation to understand required and best actions in your sales activities.
Plan2Close - Align

Show the value of Salesforce, visually

Discover ShowMe export; pull your Salesforce data into your Powerpoint templates.
Available with Plan2Close and Plan2Prosper.

ShowMe export


  • Embed your opportunity management process into Salesforce to become more efficient, effective and increase win rates.
  • Focus time, effort and resource on qualifying the right deals, in the right way enabling you to drive these through to successful closure in record time.
  • Ensure management is aware of the involvement, actions and resources required to progress sales to successful outcomes.
Plan2Close - Amplify


  • Management visibility and clear line of sight of relative success of a deal, activity, blockages and progress.
  • Form accurate and true risk analysis to support resource planning, prioritisation, and forecasting.
  • Provide a consistent, rigorous sales process and methodology across your business allowing more objective and accurate deal assessment and forecasting.
Plan2Close - Assess

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Why choose Plan2Close?

Supercharge sales close plans with dynamic deal management for Salesforce.

Native to Salesforce

A seamlessly integrated, intuitive Lightning experience, secure and stable, with real-time customer insight. 5* rated on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Flexible & dynamic

Designed to fit your world; effortless customization to fit your sales organisation and processes, support remote working and evolve with you.

Simple & intuitive

A clean, modern interface to streamline complex practices, designed for efficiency and ease-of-use.

Supports flexible working

Supports remote, on-premise and hybrid working models; allowing activity, review and response tracking and supporting entire team dynamic contributions in a remote working environment.

Simple & clear pricing


$30 per user, per month.
Enterprise and pricing packs available on request.

What our customers say

Great for account planning. Really helpful tool in discovering where the gaps are in an account. The tool also helps to lift the sales teams capabilities and understanding of how to effectively manage an account.
It’s a good tool to plan and structure your account – contacts and opportunities, and to make you aware of your weaknesses, strengths and challenges in your account – where you can improve on to strengthen you relationship with the customer to improve the win rate.
EU Networks
A terrific tool giving us great insights into all of our opportunities. The service SalesMethods provides to its customers is quite superior compared to other app providers, providing their insight and offering best practices straight through the set-up. You don’t find many companies anymore that are so helpful and you can actually get a person on the phone to help. They are a true partner.
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