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The Future of Key Account Management When asked about the future of Key Account Management (KAM), thought leaders tend to discuss three factors: supply chain management, risk and technology (1). Supply Chain Management Supply chain management continues to evolve. Despite much price pressure in recent years, it is noticeable that sustainability has also become very […]
The relevance of sales enablement to KAM The definition of sales enablement relevant to this discussion is ‘’The sales infrastructure that facilitates and supports the effectiveness and efficiency of salespeople and sales activities.’’ Sales enablement encompasses the company’s investment in process design, technology, systems, training, tools and sales support teams. Much focus is put on […]
The Evolution of Key Account Management in Business Organisations KAM is never implemented…. there is an ongoing, continuous and very long term commitment to continual improvement for the best practice KAM companies.” Davies & Ryals, 2009, p1041 (1) KAM can start small and develop over time. It is a major business change, subject to the […]
In our annual ThinkTank discussion this year we will focus on how Key Account Management has evolved since it became mainstream in the 1990s. The opportunity is there for a sales transformation of the practice of winning, keeping and growing key customers, yet we still struggle to achieve the outcomes of improved customer satisfaction, loyalty […]
Recently we have been involved in several Sales Transformation programs, playing our part as enterprise organizations seek to increase the sales effectiveness of their global sales organization; which led to us thinking; what is meant by the term Sales Transformation? Possibly the simplest explanation is that we are always looking to improve our sales force […]