Per Product
$20 / Month
  • OrgChartPlus
  • BlueSpace
  • ValuMaker
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Per Product
$20 / Month
  • Plan2Close
  • Plan2Prosper
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  • Both options based on a 2-year minimum term

  • Read-only option available at 50% of above prices

  • Additional licences can be purchased at the same rate or at $20 per user per month for part months in order to co-terminate with initial term

  • Enterprise Licence available upon request

Business Services

Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting to include customization, bespoke SFDC report writing $1500 per day (Can be billed in 1⁄2 day chunks at $750 per half day or $250 per hour)

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Business Consulting

Business consulting charged at $3000 per day

Remote OCP product training charged at $1500 per day or $250 per hour or $750 per 1⁄2 day

Full Methodology Training at $4500 per day on site

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